INSALATA MISTA mixed salad €6,50
INSALATA CAPRESE tomato salad with mozzerella cheese €9,50
INSALATA CAPRICCIOSA mixed salad with ham and mozzerella cheese €9,50
INSALATA DI TONNO mixed salad with tuna €10,50
CARPACCIO DI SALMONE (LACHS) tomato salad with smoked salmon €13,50
SALMONE E MELONE melon with smoked salmon €13,50
PROSCIUTTO E MELONE raw ham with melon €13,50
ANTIPASTO ITALIANO various italian sausage and chesse types €15,00
FOCCACIA pizza bread with spices €5,50
BRUSCHETTA DI POMODORO toast with tomato salad €9,00
BRUSCHETTA AL TONNO toast with tomatoes and tuna €10,00
BRUSCHETTA ISCHITANA toast with tomatoes and mozzerella cheese €10,00
BRUSCHETTA ROMANA toast with tomato, tuna and mozzerella cheese €11,50
BRUSCHETTA SALMONE toast with tomatoes and smoked salmon €12,50
BRUSCHETTA SICILIANO toasted bread with eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, onion and olives €12,50