BOLOGNESE tomato beefsauce €10,50
AGLIO OLIO BOSCAIOLA oil-garlic-vegetables-olives €11,50
AL FUNGHI cream sauce with mushrooms €11,50
CARBONARA cream sauce with ham and cheese €12,50
AL 4 FORMAGGI cream sauce with 4 cheeses €13,00
AL TONNO tomato sauce with tuna(thunfisch), onion, olives €14,00
ALLE COZZE sauce with sea mussels €14,00
AL SALMONE cream sauce with smoked salmone €14,50
MARE E TERRA sauce with shrimp and vegetables €15,00
ALLA PESCATORA light sauce with various fish and shellfish €18,00
TORTELLONI AL RAGU stuffed dough with ricotta/spinach with meat sauce €13,50
TORTELLONI AL FUNGHI stuffed dough with ricotta/spinach with mushroom sauce €14,00
TORTELLONI 4 FORMAGGI stuffed dough with ricotta/spinach with 4 cheeses sauce €14,00
LASAGNA dough layers with meat sauce and cheese €12,50
PASTICCIO lasagna, macaroni and tortelloni out of the oven €14,50